Learning experience – Practice

Through purposeful practice, this experience prepares you to lead high-performing teams who thrive in change.

Duration: 60-90 days


  • Activate & Kick Off – enroll and register for the Practice Experience on the Learning Campus and participate in a Kick Off to launch your experience.
  • Practice Assessment – complete the Winning Team Assessment to receive a set of recommended Live Workouts.
  • Winning Team Workout – role model the Leadership Framework behaviors by using curated resources and practicing micro actions to lead your team to high performance.
  • Psychology of Teams & Change Workshop – participate in an immersive two-day workshop.
  • Consumer Driven Change Challenge – work with your support team to identify and lead a real and relevant change that is connected to the consumer experience.
  • Practice Showcase – participate in a two-day event to demonstrate and role model how you’ve been leading change and building your consumer-driven, winning team.

Below is the overview of how it all connects

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