Director development experience

01st January 2020: The DDE is an adidas leadership program for directors and senior diretors. Over the course of the coming months, I will document my experience based on the program structure defined here.

What is DDE?
Welcome to the Director Development Experience (DDE).
DDE is an intensive, self-driven learning experience, providing adidas Directors with practical tools to become inspirational leaders in their day-to-day roles.

With the Leadership Framework at its core, DDE enables Directors to execute our strategy and drive our winning culture by building and leading high performing teams. The link between people and performance is crucial to our culture and our strategy – and DDE reinforces the commitment to both.

DDE requires an investment of time, energy and focused effort. It delivers strategic insight, experiential learning and curated content across three experiences: Mindset, Practice and Performance.

Why DDE?
DDE enables adidas Directors to execute our strategy by building and leading consumer driven, high-performing teams who thrive in continuous change in order to drive our winning culture.

Learning is about how we perceive and understand the world, about making meaning (Marton and Booth, 1997). But ‘learning’ is not a single thing; it may involve mastering abstract principles, understanding proofs, remembering factual information, acquiring methods, techniques and approaches, recognition, reasoning, debating ideas, or developing behaviour appropriate to specific situations; it is about change.

Marton, F and Booth, S (1997) Learning and Awareness, Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.